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ThermLight - Self Powered thermo-electric LED Lamp

ThermLight is a unique device which is powered by the use of a small lighted candle commonly referred to as a Tea Light. The heat generated by the Tea Light is converted in electrical energy; thereby powering an array of 18 bright white LED`s. This conversion of energy is achieved through the use of the Thermal Power Generator which is located inside the body of ThermLight.

It features Thermal Electric Plates also known as Peltier Modules which when heated on one side and cooled on the other, generates a small electrical voltage. The Thermal Power Generator is made up of a specially designed aluminium block featuring cooling fins with two small Peltier Modules affixed to it in a manner that enhances the concentration of both Heat and Cool. ThermLight does not rely on the use of batteries or mains electricity.

Although ThermLight has technology at its heart, it has been designed to be both elegant and practical in any setting whether that be in your home, log cabin, restaurant or hotel. ThermLight is also an ideal companion for many outdoor activities.

ThermLight is available in a stylish Metallic Black Finish and each unit is supplied with 9 candles, so it is ready for immediately use.

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