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ThermLight - Thermal Power Generated LED Lamp

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ThermLight is a unique device which is powered by the use of a small lighted candle commonly referred to as a Tea Light.

ThermLight is a unique lamp powered by the use of a small Tea Light. ThermLight does not rely on the use of batteries or mains electricity and it has been designed to be both elegant and practical in any setting whether that be in your home, log cabin, restaurant or hotel. ThermLight is also an ideal companion for many outdoor activities.

Typical Applications:

Reading lighting, Mood lighting, Down lighting, Fishing lighting, Camping lighting, General lighting


- Continuous light converted from the heat generated by a lit tea Light;
- Cost effective - a typical Tea Light lasts for up to 4 hours;
- Eco friendly - no batteries required;
- Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use;
- Easy and safe to use;
- Made from corrosion proof materials;
- No moving parts inside;
- Very long lasting - LED`s will typically last for up to 20000 hours;
- Produces up to 20 times the light normally generated by a Tea Light;
- Multi directional and intensity of light may be set by user;
- Does not rely on the use of batteries and therefore no disposal problems to contend with;
- Does not require mains electricity.

User Instructions

Open the candle holder which is located at the base by pulling it towards you. It is hinged and will therefore open like a gate. It features a well into which a lited Tea Light is placed. Close it ensuring it locates into the place. You will feel it snapping into the fully closed position.

Important: After placing the lighted candle into the candle holder, please let it burn for about 15 seconds before closing. This will ensure that the Thermal Power generator does not get "sooted up".

Gently pull up the Winged top Section which is attached to the body by means of two telescopic rods taking care not to overstrech them. Open the wings which act as light deflectors. The complete section may be pivoted in either direction.

The LED lamp will start to illuminate after about 20 seconds of the lighted candle being placed inside. ThermLight is now ready for use and should be placed in a convenient location. The angle at which the Winged Top Section is positioned determines to a large extent the intensity and area of illumination.

A typical Tea Light will burn for about 4 hours, providing a highly economic source of light in both an indoor or outdoor setting.

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