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SmartFan - Self starting stove fan, simply powered by the heat of your stove

The SmartFan is a heat powered device that greatly improves heat circulation from your solid fuel, gas or kerosene burning stove. Heated currents of air naturally ascend and a stove generally creates a small envelope of heat in its immediate surrounding area. This effectively means that to heat the living area of a room, it is necessary to use a large quantity of fuel.

Designed to reduce that, SmartFan effectively provides direction for this heated air and allows for greater Fuel Economies than a stove acting alone. The device is powered by a thermo-electric generation module, which based on a temperature differential, generates the electric current needed to propel both fan blades. Basically the hotter the bottom and the cooler the top, the more electric current is generated. The unique bi-axial blade helps in maintaining this temperature differential and when the fan is placed on top of a lighted stove, automatically starts and creates two gentle convection currents. As a direct result, warm air is, without creating a draught, propelled into the living area and the room heats up much more quickly.

Each Stove Fan in this range is a heat powered device (doesn`t need external power source) and is designed to reduce your costs by promoting an efficient fuel consumption for your stove.

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Stove Fan SmartFan
Our Price: €122.50

Mini Stove Fan SmartFan Mini
Our Price: €96.25
Low Temperature Stove Fan SmartFan LT
Our Price: €122.50
SmartFan Mini LT SmartFan LT Mini
Our Price: €96.25
SmartFan Repair Kit SmartFan Repair Kit
Our Price: €60.00
SmartSense - Carbon Monoxide Alarm SmartSense - CO Alarm
Our Price: €22.95

The SmartFan range comes with a 1 year guarantee and a further 2 year warranty (subject to registration), along with free worldwide shipping.