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Loft Insulation Products - Loft Lifters, ThermFlect and Loft Tent

Loft Lifters, ThermFlect and Loft Tent are high performance Thermal Insulation Products for your loft. All our products are Energy Saving and designed to minimize your heating loss. Prevent warm air rise through the sealing and insulate your loft!

Loft Lifters, Loft Legs, Loft Stilts are easy to fit elevators designed to insulate your loft floor, which enable the addition of at least 180mm (7" ) of roof space insulation and the subsequent fitting a walkable floor.

ThermFlect is design for loft wall insulation and consist in a Bubble Formed Matrix Sandwiched between reflective foil designed to act like a heat reflecting barrier and to provide efficient insulation.

Loft Tent is a product designed to insulates the loft access opening into the attic.

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Loft Lifters Loft Lifters
Our Price: €15.50
Extenders Loft Lifters Extenders
Our Price: €7.75
ThermFlect ThermFlect
Our Price: €7.75