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Smart Balloon - Heat Conservation Chimney Flue Balloon

The SmartBalloon is a reusable, simple and easy to use household device that reduces the amount of heat loss through the chimney flue while at the same time maintaining a ventilated living room when the fire is not in use. Because warm air naturally rises, the Chimney Flue is a major source of heat loss. The Chimney Flue Balloon effectively provides a barrier to prevent cold draughts and heat loss, saving you money on fuel bills and naturally making the living area warmer, more comfortable and with less cross draughts.

It is essential that living spaces feature has adequate ventilation.

With this in mind the Chimney Flue Balloon has been specifically designed to seal approximately 80% of the Chimney Flue. ther remaining 20% is used to maintain adequate ventilation. this is achieved via our uniquely shaped balloons which have been designed to maintain safe ventilation levels.
The four corners of the balloon are designed to contact the inner surfaces of the chimney flue which in turn leaves four unsealed spaces providing trickle ventilation.

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Square SmartBaloon Square Smart Balloon
Our Price: €14.98
Round SmartBaloon Round Smart Balloon
Our Price: €16.75
Rectangular SmartBaloon Rectangular Smart Balloon
Our Price: €23.95

For a custom size Chimney Flue Balloon, please contact as on admin@thermshop.com